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BreatheFreeNow Presents:

A Moment to Breathe

a breathing workshop to reduce stress as a parent

with Elizabeth Flint

Please Stay Tuned for Timing and Location!

The Offering

This 60 minute in person workshop will provide simple, yet effective breathing exercises that will take you from anxiety to relaxation in minutes, so that you can return "home" to being your amazing self and a better parent.

The Context

Being a parent is one of the most important things you do in life. Yet, the stresses of our everyday can interfere with being fully present in this role for our children and ourselves. Luckily, there are breathing techniques we can use to overcome these stresses and tap into our full potential to show up with the sense of presence and ease that creates a loving environment for our families. 

Event Description

BreatheFreeNow is proud to have breathwork and yoga authority, Elizabeth Flint, guide this breathing workshop. People from all backgrounds and walks of life can join us to learn these simple yet effective techniques that they can keep with them for years to come.  Elizabeth will draw upon her large "toolset" to demonstrate effective breathing exercises that can be used each and every day to make noticeable, positive shifts in both mood and energy.

Elizabeth Flint has been teaching yoga, meditation and breath work for 17 years. She is a senior teacher and teacher trainer at Yoga Works. She has taught tens of thousands of students to connect body and mind through the breath. As a healer she uses breathwork to help clients let go of stress and pain in order to receive healing energy. As a mother of two young children she uses breathwork to stay calm and centered. She believes that being a parent is not about being perfect, but about being authentic and our breath is a porthole into our deepest authenticity.

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